Trigger workflows through automations with text keywords, form submissions, website activity and more.

First Time Guest Follow-Up

Our provden method to reach first time guests will automatically be included with your new subscription.

& If/Else Statements

Build out your workflows with multiple conditions, and branches.

More than a campaign or workflow.

Workflow Triggers

You can trigger a workflow to start based on any information or any action within the entire ChurchFlow 360 platform. The member may have filled out a form, texted a keyword, scanned a code, visited a website page.

Wait Steps

Insert wait steps to pause the workflow before sending the next text message or email. This is great when creating a follow up workflow over a multiple week timeframe.

Conditional Branches

Create branches based on any information that is within the ChurchFlow 360 platform.

Multiple Workflows

Move people from one workflow to another by simply adding a step. This is great to avoid first time guests from receiving all of your regular messages.

Manual Triggers

You can manually add anyone to any workflow at anytime.

Workflow Hours

Avoid messages being sent at inappropriate hours by setting up general timeframes for messages to be sent.

Personalization increases engagement.

Add custom values to your automations to automatically fill in contacts names, and any other information you want to populate.


Allow people to enter into any workflow by texting in a simple keyword.


Add people to a particular list by asking them to choose one via text.

Why is ChurchFlow 360 the best choice for your church?

ChurchFlow 360 is not your typical church company. This company was birthed out of the desire of a pastor to help other churches thrive in church communications so that they can make a difference in their communities for Jesus.

You’ll recognize more people visiting your church, and engaging with your church online.

The best part is that our team is dedicated to helping you succeed with our software. We will guide you, support you and even give you best practice tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions. We got answers.

What is a trigger?

A trigger in our workflows is what causes a workflow to automatically begin. Such as texting the word “guest”, completing a form or survey, chating with you on your website, scheduling an appointment, etc. You can even use custom webhooks to connect third party applications.

What can automations do?

If you can think of it within the software, there is most likely a way to build an automation to do it for you. Use automations to add people to lists, add tags to people, add people to workflows, send a series of emails, text messages, and more.

Use conditions to seperate automations,

Based on any parameter, create conditions that can seperate people into seperate lists, tags, etc. 

How does the First Time Guest follow-up automation work?

In your account, by default, there is a First Time Guest form that you can link to via QR code, keyword, or place on your website. Anytime someone fills that out, they are automatically added to the First Time Guest follow-up automation.

Can I add or remove someone from an automation manually?

Yes. On the people database, you can go to a particular contact and add or remove tags, automations and more.