Quickly send or schedule text messages to a large group of people or even one-one-one with individual people.

97% of adults text weekly

Texting is simply the best way to communicate and get results.

One Inbox.


Our inbox brings in all of your messages from texting, emails, social media messages and more.

More than just texting…


Schedule messages to a mass group of people or one person at a time. Never forget to respond to a message again.

A2P Brand & Campaign Registration

This may sound boring, but this is a registration process that is required by carriers when mass texting. Your messages will be delivered and not marked as spam. Your numbers are automatically registered by our team.

CNAM Registration

Show your church name on Caller ID when making phone calls instead of showing the phone number.

iOS & Android App

Use the ChurchFlow 360 app to make phone calls, answer calls, respond to messages and start conversations.

Smart Lists & Tagging

Add tags to your contacts to create smart lists of people. This allows you to text a group of people such as “Volunteers.”

Collect Payment Through Text

You can send invoices to collect payment for things such as camp registration, or event registration.


With the power of the ChurchFlow 360 workflow module, you’ll be able to include texting in your workflows easily. This is great for event registration, guest follow-up and more.


All people to enter automations based on any keyword you setup. This is great for creating a list of people who want to receive prayer requests or collecting information from first time guests.

Unlimited Contacts

With ChurchFlow 360, there is no limit on how many contacts you can have. 

Increase engagement at your church.

By using a real 10 digit phone number, text messages are 98% more likely to be responded to. This makes it great for engaging first time guests.


Use our form builder to directly send forms and surveys to your audience.


People can opt-out by simply responding STOP at anytime.

Why is ChurchFlow 360 the best choice for your church?

ChurchFlow 360 is not your typical church company. This company was birthed out of the desire of a pastor to help other churches thrive in church communications so that they can make a difference in their communities for Jesus.

You’ll recognize more people visiting your church, and engaging with your church online.

The best part is that our team is dedicated to helping you succeed with our software. We will guide you, support you and even give you best practice tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions. We got answers.

What phone number do I use?

Upon signing up for your account, you’ll have the opportuntiy to choose a 10 digit phone number that will be used to send mass text messages, or have two-way conversations with anyone.

What are credits?

Credits are used in every plan. Each plan comes with a set amount of credits. Every time you send a text message or make/receive a phone call, you use credits. If you go over in credits, you pay as you go at about 2 pennies per credit. (You won’t find that pricing anywhere else.)

Do credits roll-over?

Credits roll-over every month. This will allow you to save credits for more important times of the year if you would like.

Does mass texting allow for personalization?

Yes! You can use any variable field in a text message allowing each message that is sent to be completely personalized, even when sending a mass text message.

How many credits does a text or phone call use?

Every 160 characters (regular length of a text message) is considered 1 credit. If you use emojis, text messages are limited to 70 characters per credit. Phone calls use about 3 credits per minute your on the phone.

What are keywords?

Keywords are an easy way for someone to text in to start an automation. That may be to join a particular list, or maybe a first time guest. The options are endless.

How do I send links via text?

Most carriers flag a text message as spam when you send a URL link via text to a large group of people. Instead, we create what we call trigger links, which are custom link shortners guranteed to get your message delievered.