Social Media

Save time and get real results on social media. Schedule posts, stories, and reels in our social scheduler.

Manage social media in one place.

Engage and reach more people right where they are.

Drive more traffic to your church with social.

The ChurchFlow 360 social media scheduler is designed to help your church reach more people and drive them to visit your church.

Plan your content with ease.


You can decide to post content immediately or schedule ahead into the future. You can schedule an unlimited amount of posts.

Post Approval

For teams who have multiple social media designers, you can require your team members to submit posts for approval before being published or scheduled.

All-In-One Tool

You no longer need any other tools to manage your social media channels. With the power of ChurchFlow 360, you can manage your social media in one place along with all your other comms.

Saved Hashtags

We know how easy it can be to forget hashtags you may want to use repeately. Now save as many hashtag groups as you want.

Follow-Up Comment

Instead of including links or hashtags in the post, you can include additional information in a follow-up comment that is automatically posted after your post goes live.

Bulk Post Scheduling

Schedule hundres of posts at once with our bulk social media scheduler. Save time by creating posts in advance and scheduling them for the best time.

Introducing AI in our social scheduler

Our team is hard at work releasing our next feature, which introduces the ability to use AI in our software to generate post content.

Why is ChurchFlow 360 the best choice for your church?

ChurchFlow 360 is not your typical church company. This company was birthed out of the desire of a pastor to help other churches thrive in church communications so that they can make a difference in their communities for Jesus.

You’ll recognize more people visiting your church, and engaging with your church online.

The best part is that our team is dedicated to helping you succeed with our software. We will guide you, support you and even give you best practice tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions. We got answers.

How many account users can I have?

We have no limit on account users. You can add your entire social media team to your account and give them access to just the social scheduler.

Is there an approval process for other team members?

You can ask account users to schedule posts as a DRAFT for your social media director to approve posts before scheduling or posting.

Can I post stories and reels?

Yes, in addition to scheduling posts, you can also schedule stories and reels.

How many posts can I schedule?

There is no limit to how many posts you can schedule at a time. Schedule the week out, month out, or even the entire quarter out.

How many social channels can I add?

You can add an unlimited amount of Facebook pages, groups, twitter accounts, instagram accounts, tik-tok accounts, and linked in accounts.