No need for a church landline anymore. Using the desktop app or mobile app, multiple people can use your church phone number to make and receive calls directly. 

Save time, stay connected

Take control of your time and your calls.

Voicemail Drops

Blast a message to everyone in your church by recording a message and clicking send to all of your contacts or a particular list.

A smarter phone.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to the appropriate user within the desktop or mobile app.

Call Recording

Record every call for quality assurance.

Custom Voicemails

Setup custom voicemails for every user in your account and a general voicemail box for your church office.

Multiple Phone Numbers

If you need multiple numbers for different purposes, you can purchase additional lines.

Office Hours

Stay connected when you need to, and send calls to voicemail outside of office hours.

Number Porting

Bring your current phone number into ChurchFlow 360 or receive a free new number.

Save time and leave voicemails automatically to guests.

Instead of calling every first time guest, we’ve built an option for you to automatically send them a voicemail during the follow-up process.

Why is ChurchFlow 360 the best choice for your church?

ChurchFlow 360 is not your typical church company. This company was birthed out of the desire of a pastor to help other churches thrive in church communications so that they can make a difference in their communities for Jesus.

You’ll recognize more people visiting your church, and engaging with your church online.

The best part is that our team is dedicated to helping you succeed with our software. We will guide you, support you and even give you best practice tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions. We got answers.

What phone number do I use?

Upon signing up for your account, you’ll have the opportuntiy to choose a 10 digit phone number that will be used to send mass text messages, or have two-way conversations with anyone.

What are credits?

Credits are used in every plan. Each plan comes with a set amount of credits. Every time you send a text message or make/receive a phone call, you use credits. If you go over in credits, you pay as you go at about 1 penny per credit.

Do credits roll-over?

Credits roll-over every month. This will allow you to save credits for more important times of the year if you would like.

Can phone calls be forwarded?

Yes, you can forward calls to any phone number and include a timeout option as well. Meaning if no one answers the mobile app within a certain time frame, you can forward that call.

Can forwarded calls be masked?

Yes. When phone calls are forwarded to another number, you can choose to display the number they are calling, or the number they are calling from.

How many credits does a text or phone call use?

Every 160 characters (regular length of a text message) is considered 1 credit. If you use emojis, text messages are limited to 70 characters per credit. Phone calls use about 3 credits per minute your on the phone.

How many people can download the mobile app to answer calls?

Your entire team can download the mobile app! Everyone’s phone can be set to ring, or you can assign the number to particular people. 

Can more than one person make a call at a time?

Yes! Any user with the mobile app can make a phone call whether someone else is already on a call or not.

Can someone leave a voicemail?

Yes! You can set up a custom voicemail per user, or for your entire church. Phone calls that are not answered within the timeframe set, will go to your ChurchFlow 360 voicemail. If the call was forwarded, you can set a timeout period, and have that user leave a voicemail in ChurchFlow 360 or the forwarded numbers phone.