Create a group for your church members to socialize, learn about upcoming events, announcements, prayer requests and more. You can also use communities to create coaching programs, memberships, and more.

Create. Grow. Manage.

Foster a community online outside of social media.

Start the conversation online.

Communities on ChurchFlow 360 make it easy for pastors to connect with their church community outside of the church.

Foster community online.

Unlimited Communities

You can create an unlimited amount of communites for your church within your ChurchFlow 360 platform.

User Access

You will have a custom link to your community (which can be a subdomain of your church website.) Your members can sign up or access the community directly from your website.

Custom Branding

You can add custom branding to every single community including updating logos, colors, etc.

Custom Domain

By default, your community will come on a ChurchFlow 360 domain, but you can customize it to be unique to your church domain.

Course Creation

Take your members through an online course, whether free or paid, this is the perfect tool for next steps.


You can setup a membership fee for your group that members can pay monthly.

Build your next steps course online.

Whether people want to come in person, or take a course online, ChurchFlow 360 makes it simple to turn any class into a digital course.

Why is ChurchFlow 360 the best choice for your church?

ChurchFlow 360 is not your typical church company. This company was birthed out of the desire of a pastor to help other churches thrive in church communications so that they can make a difference in their communities for Jesus.

You’ll recognize more people visiting your church, and engaging with your church online.

The best part is that our team is dedicated to helping you succeed with our software. We will guide you, support you and even give you best practice tips.