Responding To Messages

Whether people are texting into your phone number, sending a Facebook message, an instagram message, chatting with you on your website or via one of our other possible incoming message routes – you can respond to all of those messages in the inbox.

First I want to point out the toolbar with the options, unread, recents, starred, and all.

This toolbar allows you to filter messages by those categories.

Unread – If someone has sent a message in, responded to an email, or made a phone call and no one has responded yet – they will be listed here. You can either respond or mark the conversation as read to clear out the “unread” filter.

To star a conversation, simply click the MARK AS STARRED button in the top right.

The All tab will show you all conversations (manually and automated messages) that are being sent from your account. This includes all mass texting, emails, etc.

Sending A Message

To send a message, you can choose any method based on the contact information you have for that client.

For this example, we can either sed a SMS text or EMAIL response.

Send A Message

To send this message, just click the green button to send now, or choose the schedule icon in the green button to schedule for a particular date and time.