Creating Smart Lists

Smart Lists are a great way to create a list that actively updates based on the parameters you set.

To create a smart list, navigate to the PEOPLE tab and choose the “MORE FILTERS” button.

Now choose the parameters of the list you want to create.

Some example ideas:

  • Anyone living in a particular zip code
  • Anyone with a “volunteer” tag
  • Anyone with a “First time guest” tag
  • Anyone created after/before a particular date
  • Anyone with a phone number

Basically, any parameter of information we have in the system, can be used to create a smart list.

Once you’ve decided the parameters, simply click apply. You’ll be given the option to “SAVE AS SMART LIST”.

Once you save as a smart list, you’ll see your new smart list along the top toolbar. This will allow you to easily access that same list in the future. It will automatically update with any new contacts or remove contacts that match or don’t match the parameters you set.