Choosing A Phone Number

Under the settings menu, click on Phone Numbers on the left hand side.

Click “Add Number”.

Type in an area code that you would like to have a choose a phone number from the list. (You can ignore the monthly fee as your first number is included with your package.) Any additional numbers will cost between 100-200 credits per month as credits cost about 1 penny each. Contact support if you have any questions.

It’s important to move to the next step and complete all the Trust Center information to be in compliance with federal laws.

You may see pricing listed, but don’t worry. We’ve included all trust center fees in with your monthly subscription, so you won’t be charged any additional fees that may be listed.

The first step is to complete your business profile if you haven’t already, and then submit the profile for review. You’ll be alerted of any missing information.

The next step will be to start registration on A2P Brand & Campaign Registration (SMS). Be sure to complete this with the following information to be approved. It’s important to note below that sample message 1 and sample message 2 must have your name and church name in it for phone carriers to approve the campaign:

Available A2P Campaign Use Cases:

Choose: Low Volume Mixed

Campaign Description:
This campaign sends follow up messages and announcements to our church congregation.

Sample message 1:

Hey Mark! Just wanted to send a quick message and say thanks so much for visiting with us! If you have any questions at all, feel free to simply respond to this message! We hope to see you again this coming Sunday. – YourFirstName, YourChurchName ~ Reply STOP to Unsubscribe

Sample message 2:

Hey Amanda! Services have been canceled due to inclement weather. – YourFirstName, YourChurchName ~ Reply STOP to Unsubscribe

Message Contents

Only check this one -> Messages will include embedded links

How do end-users consent to receive messages?

End users opt-in by entering their phone number on our website and consenting to receiving messages or by completing an information card in person and agreeing to receive messages. 

Opt-In Key Words:


Out-In Language:

You are now opted-in. Reply STOP to opt-out. 

Thirdly, if you are using ChurchFlow 360 to make phone calls, enable trusted calling.

Very soon, we will have the option for CALLER IDs to show your church name with CNAM Registration. Be on the lookout for that!